Benefits of Milk For Children

Benefits of Milk For Children

June 7, 2018 Off By admin

With the variety of nutrients, it contains, it is not surprising that milk has many health benefits. So, what are the health benefits of cow’s milk for health that we need to know? These benefits include:

Maintains bone health
Drink milk should be accustomed since childhood. Milk has many benefits for children. Not only keep bones healthy and strong, but milk also helps the growth and development of children as a whole. Milk is one of the best sources of calcium. Regularly drinking milk will make the child’s bones healthy and strong and achieve optimum bone density at 25-30 years. Milk intake for children also affects their height. Vitamin D is often added (fortified) in milk. This vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from various sources. Vitamin D fortified milk is believed to help increase bone growth in children as well as reduce the chances of fragile bones in the future. Vitamin D can help reduce inflammation and boost the child’s immune system. Vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of future osteoporosis or rickets in childhood.

Tooth strength
Milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus, very important for the development of children’s dental health. Calcium and phosphorus together help maintain healthy teeth. One of the most important proteins found in milk is casein. It helps form thin films on the enamel surface of the tooth and helps prevent the loss of calcium and phosphate. This is especially helpful when a child’s teeth may be exposed to the acid present in the mouth.

Supports healthy weight
A meta-analysis study revealed that children who consumed milk and milk products had a 38% lower risk of obesity than children who did not consume milk products. Diet with milk and dairy intake seems to support weight loss, and maintain muscle mass.